What is dragon fruit good for

Dragon fruit is planted a lot in tropical regions of South Africa and Asia but not all of us know its benefit for health. Right after this, we will discover what dragon fruit good for

As we all know, dragon fruit contains many valuable nutrients that can help us to improve health, not only physical but mental as well. People use this fruit a lot for desert, especially Asian because they aware of dragon fruit nutrient values and it tastes so good. Dragon fruit contains up to 60 calories per fruit and very rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3 and also minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. Besides its variety of nutrient values, there are some benefits this fruit brings in fact below:

  1. Good for the heart:

Heart diseases are growing more and more nowadays. That is great news for us to know we can prevent heart diseases with a simple ingredient- dragon fruit. It is an expert in reducing bad cholesterol levels and replenishing good cholesterol levels inside the body. Dragon fruit also has monounsaturated fats which helps you heart always to be in good status.

     2. A natural medicine for diabetes:

The fiber in dragon fruit is one of amazing nutrients that can help diabetes stay in great condition. It can stabilize blood sugar by suppressing sugar increase. The guys who are with diabetes can take dragon fruit as desert after meals or eating it instead of junk foods. It is very helpful at providing nutrient for the body but not increase the sugar level in blood.

    3. Supporting digestive system:

As we know dragon fruit are rich in fiber, if you want to clean up your digestive system, let’s eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit contains high amount of fiber that means it could help you to enrich the poor digestion and resist at constipation.

    4. Keep you away from cancer:

To get rid of free radicals- the main reason for cancer, we should have foods that contain antioxidant and dragon fruit is one of those foods. Keep having it usual, you will own a good looking appearance and a healthy body.

    5. Reducing signs of aging:

Dragon fruit contains antioxidant which is very good for skin. Having dragon fruit is one way to intake antioxidant. If you don’t like dragon fruit taste, no worries, you can use it for anti aging mask by crash it with honey. Remember to use this mask after cleaning up your face.

      6. Acne fighter:

Not only teenagers are afraid of acnes, adults even take it as a nightmare because there will have dark spots on face after acne leaves. Adults take a longer time to whiten them. But with high amount of vitamin C in each dragon fruit, people can have it as a natural skincare. Crashing off the peeled dragon fruit and apply it on redness which acne caused then, wash off with warm water. To get the best result, do it twice a day.

     7. Treating colored hair:

Using products from dragon fruit or dragon fruit juice to smoothen your colored hair or damaged hair.

Not only 7 benefits above, dragon fruit can even be one of ingredient for dietary such as tropical fruit salad.


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What is dragon fruit good for
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