What does Cocoa Butter do for Your Skin

Cocoa butter and Shea butter are all regarded as the nature’s most powerful emollients. This ingredient nourish and moisturize the skin as well as it can super easy to retain its elasticity. For those who have seen Cocoa butter and Shea butter, chances are they always make their way to be among wonderful skin care products for its helpful benefit that it brings.

One of the simplest ways of using cocoa butter is to be use as the common method so all you need to do is to simply break off a small piece then directly rub all over your skin. Eventually, you can leave it there and it can be absorbed into the skin. For this reason, you can also find it in other moisturizing products, and therefore, you cannot find the greasy residue on the skin.

For those who have to wait the cocoa butter to melt. Chances are you will need some methods such as softening a piece of the cocoa butter in a small bowl and if you apply this, you need to be very careful or you might burn yourself out.

Besides, you can always make cocoa butter into the shower or bathtub then you can let the hot water then leave it there to melt before applying all over your skin.


People have been using cocoa butter straight up or mixed with other ingredients so that it will eventually give you a glowing soft and smoother skin. You might not know but this would help you to achieve best results for it help you to have healthy skin. The one you should chose is the Pure cocoa butter and all you need to do is to apply over the dry skin in case that it would help to treat skin issues such as eczema and the like.


For those who are using on cocoa butter – the truth that you need to know is that cocoa butter works wonders in helping you to remove scars and stretch marks.

The trick with this would be really simple as all you need to do is to simply keep your skin moist so that you will have the thin protective coating as well as to have the healing benefits. In such case, we do not have to worry about scarring. In most of the case, this would be better in order to help you to heal better than dry skin. [Read: How to get rid of stretch marks fast].


If you want to have a stick, all you can do is to simply make your own sticks for it is quite simple to do so. Also, you can just go for good cocoa butter stick in the product selection. This should always makes it ways into the ingredient listing in your product.


The advice in this case is to go for pure cocoa butter with the minimal packaging. All you need is to take small amount of cocoa butter then break or shave a little piece off and then you can simply rub all over your skin.

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What does Cocoa Butter do for Your Skin
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