The Importance of Body Fitness

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It is more important today to have overall body fitness than it has ever been, from work and family commitments and because of the constant exposure to man-made toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, many of which come in our prepared foods.

The term fitness is not just about physical fitness; it also incorporates a person’s mental state as well,  because if you are physically fit but mentally troubled, you would find it hard to function at the most optimum level. Humans need both physical and mental fitness to work in balance, one is not possible without the other. If for example, you are feeling agitated, a good exercise session can help relieve those symptoms.

Physically Fit

It a known fact that people who are physically fit happen to be healthier, as they are able to maintain their weight and to reduce the risks of cardiac and other health problems. People who are physically and mentally fit, are more able to face the turmoil of everyday life, and they are also better equipped to handle any drastic changes that may occur.

To become physically fit, this not only takes plenty of exercise, but you also need a balanced diet. So, if you constantly go over your daily recommended calorie intake, the surplus from what is required by the body to function, will be deposited into fat reserves. This not only increases over time but can lead to major health issues, as the acidic levels in the body will increase and lead to inflammation which leads onto another set of problems.

Healthy Diet

For a start, any junk foods, sodas, and excessive alcohol intake should be avoided, or at least minimized to an acceptable level. Additionally, when you follow the recommended levels of 30 minutes per day of medium to high activity or exercise, this coupled with a healthy eating plan would see this excess weight come off. It is also recommended to do some form of exercise outdoors; this would enable you to soak up the sun’s rays and absorb a high amount of Vitamin D that is available.

As you start to increase your body fitness, you will find sleep patterns are greatly improved, and there is less likelihood of diabetes and high blood pressure. Actually, body fitness is also good for your joints and improves your strength overall.

Fitness and Memory

Being physically fit can also help with many cognitive skills, and this is especially important for teenagers that are studying and also seniors. Essentially, having a healthy body will help them fight off the onset of dementia due to aging, and also gives them bone and muscle strength which will allow them to be more sturdy and hopefully prevent any injuries from falling.

Fitness and Mood

It is also important to have a healthy body as this can lift a person’s mood and feel good factor, so they are less prone to anxiety or depression. Also, as exercise is carried out, chemicals are released which give a boost to overall well-being which can last for up to 12 hours. In addition, any sport or activity that requires a lot of movement, detracts the brain from these stressful thoughts as you concentrate on the movement required in the activity.

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The Importance of Body Fitness
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