Recumbent Exercise Bike – Why Use One?

Using an upright or recumbent bike can provide much of the same benefits as running but without many of its disadvantages. Running can put undue pressure on joints, especially the knees. Whereas using an exercise bike does not exert as much body weight on the knees. But in terms of many of the health benefits such as cardiovascular health, weight management and cholesterol management, both running and using a recumbent exercise bike are very similar if used the right way as part of a planned exercise program.

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The exercise bike can be regarded as a low impact aerobic exercise. As such it can be used by most people irrespective of their fitness level and their level of skill. Some people with problems in their feet and joints are also able to use an exercise bike quite effectively.

Advantages of the Recumbent Exercise Bike


One of the advantages of the recumbent exercise bike is the comfortable seating position. They typically have a bucket-seat which fits around the body making it a pleasant and secure position for exercising. The typical upright-bike-seat most of us are used to can be quite uncomfortable in the groin area particularly if you are overweight. The upright-bike seat and position means that the body typically shifts its weight from side to side in synchronization with the pedaling. This also makes the small seat uncomfortable while moving from side to side. The bucket seat of the recumbent exercise bike completely eliminates these issues. It means that your weight is distributed over the entire bucket seat rather than just on the small points of the upright seat and the feet and hands.


In the recumbent position you will have a lower centre of gravity. Being closer to the ground means the risk of a fall is significantly reduced. The seat position of the recumbent exercise bike makes it easier to get up onto the bike, and for many people who may be elderly, overweight or recuperating this can be an important advantage. Also in the recumbent position the legs are almost at the same level as the heart. This can provide some physiological advantages in enabling the blood from the veins to return to the heart much easier without being subject to the same forces of gravity as being in an upright position.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

Using the recumbent exercise bike you can benefit from a demanding workout while being in a relaxed and comfortable position so that you can focus on your own particular exercise goals. The recumbent exercise bike allows you to work on an exercise program for your heart and lungs, and the muscles of your legs and hips, which include the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

You can program your workout in terms of intensity and time such that you can derive significant health benefits through continued and regular use. All of this can be done in the convenience of your own home at your own pace, and at your own times to meet your particular schedule with your own recumbent exercise bike.


We all know how difficult it can be to incorporate regular exercise into our contemporary lifestyle. Putting aside the time to go swimming, to go to the gym, or to play group sports can be very difficult for most people on a busy schedule. For these activities it is not only the actual exercise time, but also the preparation and traveling time that need to be considered. And of course sometimes the weather may mean we are unable to go and exercise as we want. With all that in mind many people can appreciate the benefit, value and convenience of having their own recumbent exercise bike at home.


Recumbent Exercise Bike – Why Use One?
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