How to Treat a Black Eye


Description: You might have a black eye all of sudden due to accident. Therefore, you will need to know how to treat a black eye so that it can heal quickly…

While you are in the middle of a dojo or gym, then the shiner appears and trust me it is something that you should be proud of typically. However, those who got the day job which might need to explain constantly about the injury,  it might be the best idea to make it as least obvious as possible.

Black eye usually comes with the setting that you’re a competitor of some combat sports. Whether they come from such accidental knee-to-face as during the Jiu Jitsu practice, or maybe they are the evidence of some rough sessions of sparring, yet they are the same in appearance.

These are some of the most common remedies that you should know in order to reduce the appearance as well as the longevity of black eye.

The first defense line would be applying something that is cold onto affected area. Ice pack or maybe some end-swell would be ideal, also a pea bag or a chunk of frozen steak will work nicely too. You need to wrap that frozen item inside a cloth so that it cannot directly contact with your skin. The ice will assist in constricting your blood vessels in order to reduce the internal bleeding that might cause swelling and bruising. This should be performed as soon as the injury occurs in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. The ice pack needs to be applied for about 10-20 minute and then repeated for several times throughout the first 48 hours.

Let’s get the heat on. After about 24-48 hours of applying ice onto black eye, it is now time for some warm compress. This will accelerate healing process through increasing in the blood flow toward the tissue surrounding the eye. The easiest method for doing this is dipping a piece of clean cloth into warm water. Then wring out the cloth and put it onto bruised area. Warmness is good. Hotness is bad. Up to this point it is appropriate to apply some pressure as well as  movement in order to increase the circulation and dissolve dried blood from under skin.

This might sound funny as obviously the head is elevated for most of the time. It is essential to mention that, even though the blood will drain majorly due to the head position. It means that in case the injury is on your right eye and then you sleep while placing your left side onto the pillow, blood will highly likely run toward the nose. During the first 24 hours after getting injured you need to try and keep the head higher than the body, which might need some additional pillows. Also, you should try to look up most of the time. In case you work mainly with seated position you might need to lower the chair or maybe raise up anything you are working on.

The blood vessels’ walls are strengthened with vitamin C. The collagen breakdown within blood vessels is the reason for bleeding, however this collagen is generated by vitamin C. Supplement of vitamin C are always readily available at literally any grocery and even drug stores. Having vitamin C rich foods is also the way for getting some proper amount in order to assist in recovery.

Papaya and pineapple are two of the fruits which can naturally carry some higher bromelain levels. Some doctors even recommend the bromelain enzyme supplements for post-surgery due to its ability in reducing swelling. The fruit pulp can also be used to apply topically, even though bromelain is also available in tablet form.

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How to Treat a Black Eye
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