How To Get Rid of Hickies Fast – 20 Overnight Home Remedies

In this article, wikiHomeRemedies aims to show you top effective and money-saving helps on how to get rid of hickies fast, commonly described as love bites.


Coming as no surprise, hickies are common and mean differently to each person. In fact, most people are proud of receiving that since hickies are widely known as a sign of love, while some are not interested in and they just want to get rid of it right away.

Hickies do not often cause any pain or damage to receivers. In another word, they are mostly harmless and can be removed fast and easily.

What are Hickies?

Hickies, generally, are not a huge problem if you do not have to participate in a family party or a public meeting and are created as the skin is sucked or bitten hard leading to capillaries broken. In details, a hickey is in fact a kind of bruise caused by your lovers.

Hickies originate from kissing or sucking the skin powerfully, causing clusters of blood that makes the skin red or purple. A hickey can prolong over a week, but existed on your skin for a long time if you don’t know how to get rid of hickies. Oftentimes, you can conceal the hickies by using make-up or outfits.

How Long Do Hickies Last?

As mentioned above, hickies can last for more than one week. Do remember that hickies are not permanent marks. They can completely fade away with times and fortunately, do not leave any scar behind. If remains untreated, hickies can last from 4 to 10 days. Nevertheless, they can linger due to the harshness basing on individuals’ severity and their personal health condition.

What are Symptoms of Hickies?

Regarding the symptom of hickies, it contains a bruise-like occurring on the skin surface, red or purple in the skin color, swelling, and a stroke in several rare situations.

How To Get Rid Of Hickies?

Generally, hickies are regarded as an inappropriate or embarrassment, typically in social and family environment. However, if you can apply those following handy tips, the answer on how to get rid of hickies are no longer hard to tell.

Here are the top 20 natural home remedies for hickies fast.

1. Ice

Ice is listed as one of the most effective helps on how to get rid of a hickey fast.

This manner is optimal to use right now after you have acquired the hickey. Ice slows down the stream of blood hence fading the size of the hickey.

home remedies for hickies fast

How to apply:

  • Use ice to compress on the skin around the wound.
  • Using a soft cotton towel or a cheesecloth bag to wrap ice packs is the best.

Ice will shrink the blood vessels.

2. Warm Heat

After using ice, you had better apply a hot towel on the skin bruising. This way help to ease blood circulation, thereby letting you know how to get rid of hickies fast.

3. Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage Leaves - How To Get Rid of Hickies Fast

Another way to get rid of hickey is cabbage leaves.

How to apply:

  • Use cabbage leaves to mash and patch over the affected area skin.
  • Keep the cabbage leaves after 3 hours,
  • Then replace new leaf
  • Repeat several times to reduce bruises.

4. Egg

Among natural ways on how to get rid of hickies, egg is a simply one. All you need to do is boiling an egg and then rolling up hickies.

Eggs have a very good effect in the melting of bruises. When you perform this procedure patiently, bruising will disappear quickly.

If you are an egg lover, then you should know that how to make the hair thicker with eggs.

5. Fresh Turmeric

In regard to natural home remedies for hickies, turmeric might be among the most effective ones. Just simply, get fresh turmeric and mashed alum to massage around your hickies.

Another health benefit of turmeric is that it can treat some other skin-related problems such as yeast infection. You might want to read also: Top 18 Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infection.

6. Parsley Juice

If you still seeking for top natural ways on how to get rid of hickies, then let’s go for parsley juice. The reason why it becomes a possible treatment for hickies lies on its high level of vitamin as well as another essential minerals. In addition, parsley is loaded with volatile oil, including myristicin, eugenol, limonene and alpha-thujene. Those content are good at curing swelling. They can prevent the blood vessels from damaging. Also, vitamin C present in parsley assists in curing blood clotting that is known as a cause of hickies.

Using parsley juice to apply directly to the affected area is also very good in reducing bruising since this ingredient contains both multi-vitamins as well as essential multi-nutrients.

Apart from that, parsley juice is an effective treatment for clogged pores.

7. Mustard

Mustard is among fastest way to get rid of a hickey on neck.
The ingredient can dispel blood bruise and hematoma caused by hickies. Just use mustard to apply on the affected skin.

8. Apple Vinegar

Apple can help blur hickies fast. It is one of the best home treatments on how to get rid of hickies you should take into account.

Basically, vinegar is widely known as a natural compound in any kitchen. It can increase the blood circulation to your skin surface. Hence, apple vinegar is beneficial for hickies removal since it effectively reabsorbs the blood clot that is near the skin surface triggering hickies.

9. Coffee Powder

Most people report that coffee powder can work well on skin affected by hickies, particularly, those around your eyes.
Use coffee powder apply on the skin bruising, then gauze bandage for about 1 hour.

10. Aloe Vera And Parsley

Aloe Vera and parsley contain antibiotic properties, which help bruises quickly improve and reduce inflammation. Please grind Aloe Vera and parsley into a paste and then apply this mixture to the affected area 3 times daily to reduce bruise and rapidly dissolve hematoma.

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How To Get Rid of Hickies Fast – 20 Overnight Home Remedies
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