How to get rid of a hangover fast after drinking – 18 home remedies

Beer and wine alcoholic beverages are indispensable in most of the parties. However, the influence of alcohol (or hangover) appears when you have a headache or dizziness.

Meanwhile, they reduce blood sugar content because the body produces too much insulin, meet the demand of high sugar content of wine.

How to get rid of a hangover fast after drinking – 18 home remedies

How to get rid of a hangover fast after drinking – 18 home remedies

Alcohol also stimulates the stomach and disrupts sleep, cause nausea, dizziness and fatigue the next day.

With some suggestions on how to get rid of a hangoverbelow, you can reduce the symptoms of drunkenness efficiently and quickly without the assistance of medicines.

How To Get Rid Of A Hangover After Drinking – 18 Most Effective And Fastest Ways

  1. Water

Drinking lots of water is the best tip on how to get rid of a hangover. Alcohol takes water content from the body and you need to refill your body by drinking water. Also, water dissolves the impure substance in your body. Although alcohol is a liquid, when you drink, your body will be severely dehydrated.

The simplest way to reduce the discomfort at this time is to drink plenty of water to replenish the lacked water. In addition, the water also accelerates the elimination of alcohol from the body through urination, help you quickly recover. Ideally, drink one glass of water before bed and drink immediately the second glass in the next morning. Instead, you can add vitamin B.

Note: Don’t drink caffeine-rich beverages, because they lead to dehydration.

  1. Banana Smoothie

Bananas are the additional source of minerals and nutrients to the human body. In order to make use of bananas for the purpose of getting rid of a hangover, just need to grind a banana, half a cup of milk and one tablespoon honey onto smoothies. And then drink this liquid. Bananas supplement potassium and fructose. Now, how to get rid of a hangover is not as difficult as you think, right? When you fight against drunkenness, ripe bananas are an option of many people.

Just 1 to 2 bananas you can confront with the aggressive attack of alcoholic beverages after they enter your body.

Alcohol and other diuretic substances will eliminate sources of potassium. Eating bananas or potassium-rich fruits will help improve the situation.

This is also the simplest one among many home remedies for how to get rid of a hangover you can make at home almost instantly. If you worry about being hangover the next day, prepare a few bananas. [Read: home remedies for headaches ]

  1. Tomato Juice

When drinking, your liver will be very hard to metabolize all the alcohol in order to maintain proper blood sugar levels. Because glucose is the primary energy source for the brain, low blood sugar can cause fatigue, asthenia. Tomato has anti-inflammatory property and helps compensate dwindling water volumes. Get 4-5 tomatoes, smash them into juice without adding anything. Then, drink immediately after feasts. That way, you’ll wake up immediately. Or, when waking up the next morning, do not just eat breakfast because stomach can not recover immediately. Instead, it is necessary to drink a large glass of tomato juice and rest for a while. This will make the food you consume afterwards more digestible and palatable.

  1. Bitter Melon

Wash two bitter melons, cut them and remove seeds. Extraction of the juice, mixed with a little salt. Without presses, dicethemand grind. Bitter melons can detoxifyyour liver. Besides throwing away hangover effects, doctors recommend regularly to eat bitter melons since it helps the liver work well and prevent many diseases especially diabetes. [Read: home remedies for nausea ]

  1. Coconut Water

Electrolyte disturbances, dehydration, nausea, headache pain are discomfort when suffering from a hangover, especially headache is the most uncomfortable feeling. Coconut water is the optimal method on how to get rid of a hangover.

In essence, the alcohol molecules in the wine love water, so alcohol is the culprit causing water and dehydration in your body. Therefore, you need to rehydrate. With low sugar, coconut water contains many electrolytes also helps the body to quickly return to equilibrium.

How to get rid of a hangover fast after drinking – 18 home remedies
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