Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Antibiotics are recommended for use only in cases of serious yeast infection. As for the other mild case, you may treat with home remedies for yeast infection.

Yeast infections should be treated entirely. In many cases, the disease can be treated with natural methods rather than resorting to antibiotics – another cause increases the risk of infection. One of the main reasons is sex.

Using too many antibiotics sometimes can lead to yeast infections. Top 18 natural home remedies for yeast infection will help you know how to treat yeast infection and confront with it without the help of drugs or medications. Trust me!

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection – 18 Ways On How To Treat Yeast Infection

  • Yogurt

When you eat yogurt, the harmful bacteria in the body reduce significantly and the beneficial bacteria increase, thereby the immunity to fight infection and disease will be improved.

The beneficial bacteria in yogurt are one of the best agents for the treatment of yeast infections. When you have a yeast infection as well as bacterial infection in the body, eat a lot of yogurts.

In addition, you can use unsweetened yogurt to apply to affected areas to remove bacteria. If it is a vaginal yeast infection, apply yogurt into the vagina or pour it in a tampon and put in your vagina for several hours.

Finally, wash with clean water.

  • Tea Tree Oil

The increasing acidity of skin and vagina is another way to treat yeast infections. The acidic surface does not allow bacteria to activate, so the infection will quickly be removed.

Tea tree oil is a strong acidic one, if you apply directly on your skin, it can burn your skin.

So, dilute tea tree oil with some vegetable oil or olive oil and apply it to the yeast infection. For vaginal yeast infections, you can apply directly to this dilution or use tampon soaked tea tree oil for a few hours.

Yeast infection will soon be removed by the anti-fungal effect of tea tree oil. It is one of the easiest home remedies for yeast infection, right?

  • Garlic

All kinds of yeast infections can be eliminated with anti-fungal properties of garlic. Crush garlic in a smooth mixture and rub directly on the infected area. Continue to do so every few hours until it alleviates.

For vaginal yeast infections, extracted garlic can be placed inside the vagina or garlic oil can be used along with coconut oil or vitamin E oil to give the best results.

  • Coconut Oil And Cinnamon

Coconut oil and cinnamon oil have anti-fungal properties and therefore they are used to treat yeast infections well. Mix equal amounts of coconut oil and cinnamon oil and make them cool in the refrigerator. Then, take the mixture so as to apply to the area of fungal infection to reduce itching and burning. Continue to apply every few hours
until the fungus disappears.

  • Apple Cider

It is considered as one of the most optimal home remedies for yeast infection.  Apple cider vinegar has anti-fungal property and rejuvenates skin.

You can apply apple cider vinegar to treat vaginal yeast by diluting apple cider vinegar and Appling or washing up area of fungal infections, including vaginal area.

You can also mix apple cider vinegar to your bath water to reduce the itching and burning sensation on the skin.

Apple cider also helps regain the balance of acid in the body and prevent the development of fungus.

  • Honey

A home remedy for yeast infection is that you can simply apply the honey. Honey is a mild disinfectant which can be applied to all yeast infections. Apply honey on the infected area and leave it to take effect within half an hour. You can also use it for vaginal yeast infections. Then, wash with clean water.

  • Betel

Betel is a folk medicine curing yeast infection for many women. Beside available materials, it also provides extremely effective anti-inflammatory property well.

First, you wash them, crumple and filter into juice. Mix betel leaf with warm water and wash the vagina. After that, use a soft towel to dry the vaginal area. Alternatively, you can boil directly betel leaf, add some salt and wash directly with the vagina.

When using betel to treat vaginitis, you soak vagina with betel because they cause inflammation. Also, you should not abuse them every day. Please carry out it with betel leaves 2-3 times per week to get the best consequence.

  • Tea

Green tea is known as a panacea which can be found in the kitchen. Beside function of beautification, green tea leaves also work well in the antiseptics, and sanitation for wounded areas. Proceed it like making betel.

You can clearly see the effect right from the first time. Try to implement these home remedies for yeast infection to get the optimal results.

  • Diluted Brine

Simply, with a few grains of salt and a cup of warm water, you can clean your vagina every week. For a few grains of salt in warm water, stir and wash it. When washing with salt water, you should use gently your hand to clean then dry with a soft towel.

Similar to other the folk medicine cures for vaginitis, you should not overdo the diluted brine every day, because they will make your vagina dry seriously.

  • Mugwort

Mugwort is one of the folk remedies for yeast infection. Also as a folk effective medicine cure, mugwort is also known as one of the folk remedies for vaginitis.

Put 20g dried mugwort into a saucepan with 300 ml of water, to boil with a small fire. Use this water to steam in the itchy infection. Steam 15 minutes, then gradually it becomes warm, wash the itching areas by it. Wash 1-2 times per day in 5 continuous days.

  • Basil

Basil has antibacterial property effectively if you use it regularly. Using the cooking water from basil will help you relieve itching pain caused by inflammation.

First, take a handful of basil leaves and crush it into a dough. Boil dough with about 2 cups of water. When boiling dough, use it to wash the vagina. In addition, you can use water of basil for drinking each day.

  • Okra

An extreme familiar food with housewives is okra. It is reckoned as one of the optimal home remedies for yeast infection.

It contains the active substance as beneficial probiotic bacteria overwhelming harmful bacteria and increases body resistance, thus it can delays infected and vaginal itching symptoms.

  • Prepare 5 okras and slice them.
  • Put them in the pot, add 2 cups of water and boil into a dense mixture.
  • Filer into juice and add a little sugar.
  • To increase efficiency, add a little salt, garlic, and turmeric into okra.
  • Drink several times a day to fight against vaginal inflammation effectively.
  • White Vinegar And Water

You can wash your genitals by white vinegar mixed with water. If you dilute them too densely, this will create a warm feeling for vaginal areas. Therefore, you should mix the vinegar with water in a concentration of dilution water to form yeast infection treatment.

  • Diet

Diet with acidophilus or Bifidus helps restore the normal balance of bacteria in the gut and vagina. You can also purchase additional products against yeast.

  • Fruit

Make sure your diet containing fruit without sugar and yeast. Candida thrives in a sugary environment, so your diet should be low in carbohydrates and contain no yeast or sugar foods.

  • Taboo Food

Avoid cheese, wine, bread, chocolate, dried fruits, fermented foods, all grains containing gluten (wheat, oats, barley and rye), ham, honey, nut butter, pickles, potato, raw mushrooms, soy sauce, price, and vinegar. Limit eating them in a long time will be one of the home remedies of yeast infection.

  • Non-sugar Cranberry

Non-sugar cranberry can treat and prevent both yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

You can use fresh non-sugar cranberry to press into juice or buy cranberry juice without adding sugar to drink during yeast infection treatment.

  • Wash Your Vagina Properly

  • Choose cotton underwear that will prevent moisture.
  • Regularly change your underwear.
  • Clean all to prevent bacteria spreading.
  • Avoid pantyhose or jeans because they can increase the humidity and temperature in the area of your tight genitals.
  • Opt for tampons to absorb certain medications.
  • Clean your vaginal area with water only and avoid using soaps.
  • If you are suffering from a yeast infection, you absolutely should not use any scented products to take care of your vagina. If you still deliberately use, the condition can become more complex. You should avoid using soap. Also, do not use fragrant tampons. Because all of these products may cause an imbalance of the vaginal pH level.

With the help of ingredients available around your home or any market, you can find some home remedies for yeast infection. Try to make some tips at the same time to get better results. Have a good time and make fun.

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection
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