Home Remedies for Hair Growth – How to Grow Hair Faster

If you are looking for measures to stimulate rapid hair longer, do not overlook 13 mentioned-below natural remedies. Use them for one week or so and you will how to grow hair faster and longer.

The following home remedies for growing longer hair are never harmful to your hair because they contain no chemical that may cause damage to the hair follicle.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Home Remedies For Hair Growth – Grow Hair Fast In One Week

  • Coconut Oil

The first and foremost tip when it comes to learning how to grow hair faster is coconut oil.

Use a small amount of coconut oil to the scalp, then use your fingers to massage with a circular motion for at least 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Coconut oil helps your hair be healthy if you regularly use this method 3 times weekly.

  • Grape Seed Oil

It affects the damaged scalp positively and helps remove the skin and hair problems in such all-natural ways.

Take a few drops of oil and massage your scalp.

This tip on how to grow hair faster helps provide multiple nutrients. Don’t cleanse your scalp because oils easily penetrate the hair roots and steal your hair smoothness.

  • Onions

Using a chopped onion to mix with shampoo will help strengthen the hair roots be strong and restore damaged hair parts.

After that, you will see your hair longer.

  • Olive Oil And Castor Oil

These natural ingredients have the effect on promoting hair growth.

Mix 3 tablespoons of castor oil with the same amount of olive oil, heat the mixture and massage it on your hair with a circular motion for 10-15 minutes. It is key to have long and healthy hair in the shortest time.

  • Acid Pholic

The intake of acid pholic vitamin tablets will help grow hair faster and thicker in a short time. If you do not want to use medication, add the food containing this vitamin to your diet.

These foods consist of pholic acid as orange, lemon, and spinach.

  • Water

One of the simplest but still most effective to both beautiful skin and hair is to drink plenty of water each day. You should spend some time in the day to drink 6-8 glasses of water on average each day.

In reality, humidity in water helps your hair grow faster and stronger.

  • Protein

Providing more protein in the body is considered to be the key tip on how to grow hair. The protein-rich foods include turkey, fish, cheese, red meat, chicken, peanut butter and eggs. However, you should also arrange reasonable diet.

  • Vitamin B-rich Foods

Vitamin B is needed for everyone, particularly in hair care. If you want to know how to grow hair longer healthy, you should take vitamin B, either from supplements or from real foods.

Ideally, you try to eat more foods containing vitamin B like banana and pepper.

  • Glair

A very simple method on how to grow hair faster that you can perform at home is to make the hair mask from egg whites.

How to do it: you get the 3 egg whites and whip them. Next, you will massage your hair with this solution for 5-10 minutes.

With this method on how to grow hair, nutrients and vitamins of the egg white are completely absorbed into the hair. They will help your hair grow really fast, healthy and shiny.

  • Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice

Coconut oil is an excellent nutrient to nourish healthy and long hair. Thanks to ingredients of vitamin E, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients, coconut oil has a moisturizing effect which stimulates hair growth.

  • Cinnamon, Garlic And Red Onions

To revive your hair’s natural and shiny beauty, you should apply the hair care with natural ingredients.

Take a bowl and pour hot water then add 4 garlic cloves, 2 cinnamon stick and a chopped onion. Then, boil the mixture for 15 minutes. Make it cool and use this water to mix to massage your scalp or wash your hair.

You should repeat this hair care measure during 4 consecutive days to notice the
positive effects of this measure.

  • Aloe Vera And Honey

You can mix the two components together in a hair care to get vitamin-rich formula.

To make this home remedy for growing longer hair, just need to take the gel from 3 Aloe Vera leaves, then mix with 2 tablespoons of honey and apply it to your scalp. If possible, try to massage your scalp and let it stay on the skin for 20 minutes.

Finally, rinse with warm water.
Repeat these simple measures every day in 1 consecutive week to give quick results.

  • Cactus Leaves

If you already have a cactus, you should use it this natural remedy. This measure has helped grow hair longer and rescue hair loss problem effectively.

First, you cut about 4-5 cactus leaves into small pieces. Then, pour the pieces of cactus in a pure water bottle and soak them overnight.

Use a bottle to spray on the scalp and hair roots at least once a day to improve significantly the length and quality of hair.

Summary Try to mix some above-mentioned tips on how to grow hair faster and longer to get a better, quicker result.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth – How to Grow Hair Faster
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