Green bean good for skin

Seasonal vegetables like green beans not only provide health benefits to our bodies, they keep our skin smooth and healthy, For better skin, you should take care of it from both the outside to the inside.

If you want a smoother, clearer complexion, toss green beans into your trolley. This wonderful sort of vegetables help slow the aging process a great deal.

Green beans contain compounds such as beta carotein, caroteoids lutein, violaxanthin and neoxanthin, which help increase the ability of the skin to fight the ageing process. Besides, green beans consists of an impressive antioxidant capacity as well as vitamin C, A, K, calcium, potassium, folate and small amounts of fiber, protein and iron.

Studies have shown that those with high antioxidant levels in their skin’s tissues actually have fewer wrinkles than others’.

The caring process for your skin is now made easy thanks to the availability of green beans. Green beans are cultivated in season and are accessible at supermarkets and grocery stores all year round.


Look for green beans that are sold loose, for example in farmers markets or grocery stores. This allows you to sort through them for the beans of the best quality beans. Avoid those with brown spots, bruises and old, withered ones. Also, they must be crisp and snap when you break them. Try to buy what you’ll use within 3 days and store them in the refrigerator inside a perforated bag. Only wash them when you need to use them. Washing them beforehand may bring about unexpected damage to beans.


Green bean good for skin
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