Common Nutritional Benefits of Watercress

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database normally in two cups of fresh watercress, there might be 68 grams as well as 7 calories that it can bring about to your health.

This ingredient is probably one of the most beneficial ingredient you can find around the house for the reason that it can helps to offer people with many nutritional properties for the health.

Health Benefits of Watercress

Watercress is good to eat on regular basis, however, do not over forget its strong, pungent and bitter taste for the reason that it cannot be eaten alone for it might cause some side effects. Therefore, it is the best that you can add it to juices, salads or other dishes just to make it taste better.

Anti-anaemic Properties:

For people that are having to suffer from iron deficiency, all you need to do is to simply add watercress juice in your diet to both strengthen the taste as well as to have extra health benefits. Besides, it is the high amount of Vitamin C from this ingredient that can help human body to absorb iron better.

Anti-inflammatory Attributes:

Watercress is packed with high amount of Vitamin C therefore, it is the best to help you to stay away from inflammation as well as other health related issues. All you need is to simply drink the juice so that you can get relief from symptoms of flu and cold mostly caused by the weather.


Watercress is packed with high amount of anti-oxidants, therefore, it is the best to assist your body to deal with the damaging effects of free radicals. This is not to mention that it helps to stay away from the effects of aging as well.



Watercress is regarded as the “cruciferous veggie that is super rich in antioxidants,” Besides, it is the high amount of antioxidant and mineral content in the food tha works wonders to flush out toxins. DUe to this, you can improve skin health.


Watercress also has high amount of lutein, one of the most antioxidant that are super beneficial for the eyes. Lutein and small amount of zeaxanthin works as the filter to keep people from the harmful high-energy blue wavelengths.

The truth is our human body cannot naturally make the lutein and zeaxanthin it needs. Due to this, you can eat watercress on the regular basis so that you can get lutein and zeaxanthin. These are beneficial ingredients that your body need to maintain the overall health.

“Lutein is packed with the high amount of protective properties so that it is better for the visual health. Due to such reason, it helps to prevent your health from eye conditions namely macular degeneration and cataracts.


Common Nutritional Benefits of Watercress
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