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Baby best travel stroller systems are the ultimate in baby stroller convenience.  They allow you to take baby with you easily and efficiently by allowing the transfer of the infant car seat from a base in the car to your stroller and back again.  The Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System stroller acts as both a base for your favorite infant carrier seat and as a standard stroller.  Besides offering the utmost in convenience, this stroller also has the advantage of being incredibly eco-friendly.


The fact that you can use the Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System with most infant car seats means that it is safe for your little one from the day you bring them home.  Then, once your child is ready to use a standard stroller, this eco-friendly stroller offers a secure five-point harness to fasten them securely into the seat.  Individual rear wheel locks also help to keep the stroller in place when you want to take a break.

Another great feature contributing to the safety of the Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System is the fact that the frame is made of lightweight aluminum.  Unlike plastics, aluminum does not undergo chemical off gassing, so this stroller is safe for your child and for the environment.


You are going to turn some heads with this eco-friendly stroller.  It offers a very modern design and sleek styling that are certainly attractive. Beyond looks, the Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System is highly functional.  You can use most infant car seats with patented retainer bar.  With the seat installed, your child can sit up or recline.  There is a sunshade, and while on the smaller side it does provide some protection from the harsh light.

To make traveling easier, the Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel system has a basket under the seat and a parent tray with hideaway storage and two cup holders.  Our only complaint is that the basket is on the smaller side and can be difficult to access when the seat is reclined.

It does take some practice to learn how to quickly fold this eco-friendly stroller.  In order to fold flat you must remove the seat or car seat adapter, which is an extra step.  However, with practice we found that this really didn’t take much longer than folding more traditionally-styled strollers.

Of course one of the best things about the Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel system is the fact that Baby Planet will recycle this stroller when you are done with it.  The service is free and allows you to keep your stroller out of a landfill.


The Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System folds up, and while bulkier it will fit into the trunk of a car.  The fact that you can use it with most infant seats is a bonus.  At just shy of 26 pounds it will be a little bit of a workout to lug this eco-friendly stroller around, but no heavier than other travel system strollers on the market that we’ve looked at.


The Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System rolls nice, and its larger wheels allow it to handle small bumps in the road with no problem.  The handle is even adjustable, which is a very nice feature.  The smaller handle design takes some getting used to, and it can be somewhat difficult to steer this stroller in tight places.  However, we’ve found the 3-wheel design to offer a smooth ride.

The seat of this eco-friendly stroller isn’t overly padded, but it is comfortable.  The straps of the five-point harness are covered for added comfort, and the seat will recline if your little one wants to take a nap.

Not Ideal for:

The Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System is not really designed for jogging or off-roading.

Bottom Line:

The Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System offers you an eco-friendly design, sleek modern look, and ultimate convenience when it comes to taking baby on the go.  You won’t need another stroller for your child, so while pricier you can feel confident that you are making a good investment.  The solid construction guarantees that this stroller will be around for a long time, and when you are done with it the system can be recycled to prevent landfill waste.

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Baby Planet 3 Wheel Travel System Stroller
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