9 Natural Tips to Lose Weight within a Month

These are the tips based on advice from medical experts and physicians for fat people of all ages to lose weight in just 1 month.

Now obesity is considered as serious health problem, because it leads to various diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension heart strokes and failures. So obesity is a silent killer. However obesity can be controlled or prevented with these natural homemade remedies, according to your BMI.

BMI or body mass index is calculated with body’s height and weight and show how much weight you must put on. If your BMI is below 20 to 25 you are think, between 25 and 30 you are fit and obese if it is above 30 you need to lose weight. Read more.

Good news is that obesity can be resolved, however it takes time. Here are 10 best tips to lose weight in a month.

1. Burn Calories and Fats

Exercise daily for couple of hours to stay fit and prevent yourself form diseases caused by extra fats.

2. Eat Healthy Diet

Inappropriate diet results in weight gain and other health issues. Junk and fast food produces lot of fats and calories. So get rid of such eating habit.

3. Say No To Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated or fizzy drink and packed juices leads increase weight because of sugar present in them. Replace carbonated with natural fruit juices that are nutrient rich and have low calories.

4. Eat Vegetables

Vitamins, Proteins and fiber in vegetables help you to stay healthy. Your appetite can be maintained by replacing your daily meals with steamed vegetables that are low in calories still nutrient rich.

5. Eat Fruits

Vitamins, proteins, fiber and carbonates in fruits help you to increase your nutrition levels and vitality. Fruits help in suppressing your appetite and maintaining your health. You can replace your meals with raw fruits to maintain high nutrition and low calorie intake.

6. Avoid Snacks

Snacking frequently leads in weight gain and add more harmful fats and calories to your body and makes it shapeless. Avoid snacks like French fries, burgers and cookies.

7. Avoid Sugar and Sugary Foods

Sugar produces extra fat in body which makes you unfit and causes health issues. Reducing sweet substances will help so take fresh fruit juices and tea without sugar to avoid fats.

8. Reduce Sodium

Salt containing large amount of sodium affect body and increase weight. Limit salty intake to reduce water retention and bloating.

9. Replace Tea with Herbal Tea

Antioxidant properties in tea help you to burn fat. Drink it without adding sugar to get best results. Toxins and harmful nitrogenous waste in body are flushed out when you drink green tea or herbal tea.

9 Natural Tips to Lose Weight within a Month
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